IMG_9004Like women from all the ages, Elaine Baldwin holds many titles. She is a wife, mom, mother-n-law, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, speaker, director, teacher, student, singer, actress, and lunch mate. But no title is more significant or astounding than disciple of Jesus Christ. At a young age God called Elaine unto His own and her life has been in His all-powerful and loving hands ever since.

Elaine graduated from Valley Forge High School on Independence Blvd. in 1976; quite the coincidence. Her plan was to build her career, marry at 30, have two kids and eventually settle down. But God had a slightly different path in mind.

Eight years early, Elaine married the love of her life, Bill, right before graduating from Cedarville College (now Cedarville University) with a BAin Communications and within six years had three children. In her words, “Life was anything but settled.” But even in all the glorious chaos of diapers, formula and the terrible twos back to back to back; Elaine wrote and told stories for her kids, her kids friends and for her church family. In time she developed a speaking and teaching ministry called, “Clementine Ministries” that lasted eight wonderful years.

Multiple moves throughout the United States provided the family with many grand adventures and unique cultural experiences. Elaine involved herself with homeschooling, community outreach and church life in each new location. And as always she used story and a sound biblical foundation to encourage and teach biblical principles to children, teens and women.

Life ebbed and flowed, as life will do, giving Elaine numerous and diversified opportunities in ministry and professionally. Over the years Elaine has been a nursery director, youth leader, children’s ministry leader and drama leader, missions trip coordinator, Awana director and regional teacher, women’s ministry executive director of a faith based medical crisis pregnancy center. With the move to Lincoln, NE Elaine had the privilege to be the chief marketing officer for Back to the Bible, an international radio ministry. Subsequent moves to Spokane, WA and then to LaCrosse, WI provided the unique opportunity for her to serve as development director for The Salvation Army in two Corps.

Since 2010 Elaine has concentrated on digging deeper into the craft of writing and embarked on becoming a novelist while continuing her personal study and writing on the important principle of one another living found in the New Testament.

Elaine has published two books.

The Art of Loving One Another is a Christian Living Bible Study which dives into Jesus’ command to love one another found in John 13:34-35.

If One Falls is the first book in the novel series, The Books of Allelon, which also explores the  meaning of loving one another through the prose of  Christian Fantasy.

Today, Elaine continues her writing with the second novel in her fantasy series; Where Darkness Lies. And she is researching and studying in preparation for the second Christian living study; The Art Of Forgiving One Another. She is also embarking on reigniting her speaking career and looks forward to God’s open doors for face to face ministry within His Family!

You can contact Elaine through email: OneAnotherLiving@gmail.com