Christian Living Studies

The Art of Loving One Another

Learning to Love and Be Loved

Using John 13:34-35 as a guide, you will discover that your biblical heroes and heroines are just like you. They dealt with fear and worry. They were often isolated, alone and even questioned God. The key is they tapped into the power of Love Itself and then they were never the same. You can learn to do the same!
“A new commandment I give to you that you love one another,
even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.
By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.”

Everyone from Tennyson to Charlie Brown to The Beatles has an opinion about love and where to get it. So why are countless Christian women feeling alone, isolated and desperate to find love anywhere they can find it?

The Art of Loving One Another is the first book in the One Another Living Series. In this book you will not only find where love is, but also learn love’s benefits for you and for those within your circle of influence.

It is a bridge between in-depth Bible studies many women find intimidating and light Christian reads that may not go deep enough. The goal in the series is to connect with women on a personal emotional level and also provide guidance and practice in intuitive study. The design of the book is favorable to personal reading and study or within a small group or Bible study.  It is also easily adaptable for retreats and conferences.

What others are saying…

I have started and stopped a few bible studies because I either find that they go over my head or just don’t seem to fit. That was not the case with this book. It hits you where you are, and Elaine has done a wonderful job of striking the balance between in depth study (with the Greek words and meanings) and practical applications of how to “practice what you preach”. I would highly recommend this to any women because as sisters in Christ we need to learn how to love and be loved. (Ashlyn-Washington)

The Art of Loving One Another … definitely moves us beyond predictable pious platitudes to where we really live in our “love ME” culture! It deepens my desire to BE that one who models intimacy, authenticity, and selfless servanthood towards the “one anothers” who intersect my life. (Marquerite-Wisconsin)

When creating a piece of art the artist needs to constantly refocus on the subject matter taking frequent steps away from the evolving work to insure the finished piece is a true representation. Elaine reveals God’s character of love and gives the reader practical exercises to develop a life of loving God’s way. Take a step away from your life’s canvas and see how your love is developing. (Jan-Georgia)

One Another Living Cover

Thank you for joining me on this lifetime journey, The Art of Loving One Another. My deepest prayer is that you have not only been blessed, but that you have also been awakened and challenged by the enormity of our calling to love one another. Always remember we are not each other’s enemies. Satan is our real enemy. Fight your battles with him, not with one another, and see the Hand of God reach the world! (From Author’s Note p.196)




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