Christian Fiction

IMG_8612If One Falls…

An Ancient Prophecy

                                                         An Evil Emperor and an Exiled King

                                                           Two Young Maidens Caught in the Crossfire            

                                                                 What will Happen…If One Falls

Lillianne Boone, the well known archeologist and scribe of  25th century A.E. (After the End) has uncovered ancient manuscripts from the Lost Age of the Allelon. Ledgers, military charts, court orders and, more importantly, personal journals have been found deep inside Mount Yekoms. Will this discovery unlock the mystery surrounding the One Anothers?

Will we ever know for sure what is fact and what is it folklore?

 If One Falls is the first book disclosing Lillianne’s research. Here are her initial findings.

It is fifteen centuries After the End in the land of Terrah. Generations of Allelon, One Anothers, have been persecuted by Emperor Poros since the exile of good King Ransom so long ago. Tyranny keeps these illegal religious zealots scattered and in disarray, but never are they extinguished. The promise of their king to restore his realm keeps their fragile hope alive.

Wynn knows first-hand the atrocities of her world. Her strong work ethic and sharp mind drive her in the search for her family. Esa is of royal blood, but she has no desire to return to the father-king who refused to pay her ransom. She has learned to use her beauty and charm to get what she wants. Thrown together by the ancient prophecy, they will have to navigate a barrage of traps, lies and deceptions to save themselves and their world from annihilation.

Each has been abandoned.

Each is bound to a life of indenture.

And each has a secret to hide.

When one falls, all they will have is each other.


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