Countdown to BLISS-Day 9

“Are you nervous?” by Zack Valentine

It is nine days from the wedding. It is nine days from saying “I do.” It is nine days from being married to my best friend.

Marriage License

I can’t tell you how many times I have had individuals ask me if I am getting nervous following the proposal and the closer the calendar moves toward March 21, 2015.

My general response is to simply quip “No.”

However, that may not be the full truth.

It’s not so much about being nervous from fear, but rather the joy and excitement of starting this phase of my life with my best friend! The reality is truly embedding itself on my brain and the thought makes me glow as well as brings a smile to my face.

I am so glad that Valerie is a planner. She has made the entire engagement and wedding planning an absolutely easy process. Between her and my future mother-in-law, they are a dynamic duo like that of Batman and Robin!

As much as I have wanted to be actively involved with the process, there is only so much I can do working full-time, running my Remix (youth) group, attending my college classes, and packing stuff to move into our home. As of this writing, I have taken charge of the transfer or activation of services like our internet, water, and electric (we wouldn’t want to have any of those shut off a week before the wedding).

If anything, I am not nervous about the actual wedding.

I am more nervous about what soon follows…life.

Zack and ValI see the responsibility that God is calling me into as I transition into married life with Valerie. Our pastor, Marty Sloan (Harvest Time, Fort Smith, AR) absolutely loves marriage. Pastor Marty has been so good to Valerie and I in sharing with us a glimpse of what marriage life will be with resources of counseling sessions, one-on-ones, as well as reading materials. I see the future roles of our immediate families and having to take considerations of mine and Valerie’s needs when seeing and spending quality time with them, especially during the holidays.

So am I truly nervous?

That question brings up a scene from one of my favorite comic book characters, Iron Man. In Phase II of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man 3 explores Tony Stark’s fear of whether or not does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? In this case, I make the suit.

Once the wedding is done, my suit (tux) will be off and returned. Then it’ll just be me. I’ll go from being trapped in that suit for an entire day to being freed from it and Valerie will officially be Mrs. Valentine.

That’s when life happens.
That’s when the journey begins.
So to answer the question, “No. I am not nervous.”
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