Countdown to BLISS-Day 30

30 Days until Marriage-by Valerie K. Baldwin

Zack and Val 1I can hardly believe it is 30 days to the wedding! 30 days before I become Mrs. Valentine! 30 days before I go from a “me” to a “we”!

In the midst of the craziness that occurs 30 days before a wedding there is an essential element that keeps me sane, and that is the man that will be standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. He is not perfect, and he does not “complete me,” only God can do that, but he is the reason I am excited for March 21. He is the reason I am ready for marriage.

In today’s Christian culture, in particular young girls, dream of their wedding day, but how many dream of the man that will meet them at the altar? How many girls marry the first man who asks them, just because they want a wedding with no consideration for the life that will begin the next day? Do not get me wrong I cannot wait for my wedding day. I get to wear a beautiful dress, take lots of pictures, and have many people I love all in one place for a few days! But it is not the wedding that I look forward to the most. It is the life that will start the next day, and the man God has provided for me to do that life with!

The wedding is the icing on the cake of getting married, but it is not the cake. I see the scenario over and over of women in particular marrying men they have no business marrying. Why? I think they do love them, but is the allure of a wedding part of the problem? I believe it is.

For the young ones who may read this, here is my point. The marriage is more important than the wedding. Choose carefully. I was told many times growing up, “you are too picky.” But I can tell you that it is not the guys I chose not to date that I regret. It is not about being picky on superficial things like hair color or what car he drives, but character, work ethic, and does he show evidence of a growing relationship with God.

Anyone can say, “I believe in God,” but do his actions say the same?

There is nothing I love more than serving our church, having a solid theological discussion, or worshipping in service with my fiancé. Our hearts are bound together in our love for God. It is our love for God and serving His purposes that will keep us together when circumstances are difficult. It is our mutual faith that will bind us in the good and bad times.

It is because he is a man of character that I can say my wedding vows knowing he means them as much as I do.

Not every man has personal character, work ethic, or a heart for God; it is worth it to wait for the one who does.

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