Countdown to BLISS-Day 42

Long Distance, Please! by Elaine H. Baldwin

It’s day 42! That means there are just six weeks to go until wedding day! And, of course, there is still much to be done. Valerie and I make and remake our lists and we check them a lot more than twice. We text, we email, we call, we even have a private two-person Facebook group so we can keep the lines of communication wide open. But more importantly we do all that to feel close to each other even though we are 1,919 miles apart.

I have to admit, that not a day goes by that I wish, just a little bit, I was there; right there.

The challenges of planning this most important day in Valerie’s life from so far away have been stressful sometimes. I won’t lie about that or try to sound all spiritual about handling it. Some days it is just plain hard! Not just emotionally hard, but in practical matters as well.

Valerie has a wonderful theme and vision for the ceremony and reception decor and I have a ton of stuff at my house that would be just perfect. But I can’t get it to her; at least not without great expense and high percentage of it getting broken. That doesn’t mean I haven’t shipped things. Goodness! The lady at the post office knows my first name. But I am always conscious of weight and breakage, etc… as I should be.

And it was with great fear and trepidation that I mailed my wedding dress to her so the dress designer could assess if any of it could be used in my daughter’s dress. (You’ll have to wait and see the answer to that!)

BUT…bottom line is I have shipping options and everything I’ve shipped as arrived in a timely fashion and in tact.

Praise the Lord!

You’ve already read about the save the date cards and formal invitation challenges that we’ve faced. I can’t help but wonder if I was closer, would some of those glitches been avoided. But, as you know, “what if’s” serve no purpose and they get you no where fast. So, Valerie and I buckled down and with the help of some amazing and talented relatives (who by the way are overseas right now. Talk about long distance!) there will be formal invitations in mail boxes sometime before March 21st.

And like I told my daughter in a text: “The important part is that those receiving them (the invitations) are so happy for you and Zack.”

And isn’t that what this day is all about? It’s a day for all those who love my daughter and soon-to-be-son-in-law to come together (in spirit if not in body) and give them a great big group hug. It’s called a wedding.

Praise the Lord!

I’m not the first mother who has faced these type of long distance challenges and sometimes tears. I won’t be the last. Goodness, moms in the Bible often never saw their daughters once they were given in marriage. Or think of Rebekkah and Isaac. She got on a donkey once the engagement was decided and her mom never saw her again. As far as I know, that will not be the case for Valerie and me.

And just so this doesn’t end in one great big pity party for the MOB. I have to shout out my thanks for the multiple trips the Dad in all this, my hubby-Bill, has provided for me to do a lot of face to face planning and participate in key events.

He sent me to Arkansas just a few weeks after the engagement to get this wedding thing rolling and most importantly to share with Valerie a day of wedding dress shopping. Amazing memories there and tears of joy still shed in holding them close.

He is sending me again in just five short days to attend several wedding showers, check more wedding details off the list and see Valerie perform in a play. (One of my favorite past times, by the way!) And another big shout out to all the folks planning these showers to think of me in the scheduling.

And, he is sending me three days before anyone else arrives for wedding week so I can help Valerie with all those pesky final details; like doing laundry and cleaning her house. LOL!

Praise the Lord!

How blessed I am! Truly, how blessed! There is so much pain in the world today. So many mothers and daughters estranged from one another. So many mothers ache for the daughters they will never hold again in this lifetime. So many daughters who long for their mother to sit in that place of honor in the front row on the day of their wedding, but it will not be. So many women choosing lives far from God and far from all the love only He can give.

ThankfulLong distance will still be a challenge over the next six weeks. But in light of all the more life shattering events millions of people will face in those six weeks, I say…

Long distance? Yes, please.



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