Countdown to BLISS: MOB Musings

It’s Day 49!

That is SEVEN short weeks from today and by this time (CST) my little girl will be Mrs. Zackary ValentineNew Year and we will all be celebrating away!! All the phone calls, the texts, emails, shipped boxes, tears and fears and smiles will come down to this one day SEVEN weeks from today.

In case you’re wondering, I am the mother of the bride or the MOB. Which, I imagine could also just simply mean mob when some mother’s become the MOB. It’s been my goal since Valerie was born, really, to not be the mob MOB when her time came to marry. I pray I have succeeded thus far.

But, I determined early on when it was apparent we would have six short months to plan a wedding, that I would need a mob of people to help bring this marvelous event about. I was right. It’s taken a mob! And oh how I love our mob!

Our wedding mob is made up of family and friends who simply love Valerie and Zack and share our desire to give them the celebration of a lifetime.

Our mob lives all over the country. From New York City to Florida to Hawaii, back to the Carolinas, over to Ohio and then up to the Great Northwest. And, then, of course there’s Zack’s marvelous family who wrap up this sweet couple right from good ole’ Arkansas! Distance hasn’t stopped this mob from helping this MOB and bride from planning the wedding of her dreams. And I am so thankful.

Our wedding mob is designing and producing 11 flower bouquets, 10 corsages, and 20 boutonnieres. They designed and produced the formal wedding invitations. And others are addressing all of them.  They are making thousands of delicious mints and yes you should be jealous.

They have helped pick out cakes and food and decorations and then  designing center pieces with said decorations. They are even scouring every nook and cranny for just the right shoe.  And they are designing and making the most gorgeous wedding dress!

They have planned and will be attending one “cyber wedding shower” (I’ll let you figure that out) and several local wedding showers. They have reserved plane flights, booked hotel rooms, arranged car caravans and established child-care plans.

And I know they will pick up any ball or combination of balls we ask them to and juggle them all until the celebration is complete.

I just love my mob!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

49 Days…SEVEN weeks and the party begins!!


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