Countdown to BLISS-Plan B

Countdown to BLISS-Day 65 by Valerie K. Baldwin

If you asked anyone who knows me they would probably tell you that I am a planner. IMG_1807I like to know what is going on. I like to know where I am going and why. I enjoy being spontaneous occasionally, but I typically have to mentally prepare myself for the approaching spontaneous event, which admittedly usurps the spontaneity.

As I have been working with my mom, Zack and our families planning the wedding, I like to be prepared and think of all the possible outcomes of certain scenarios. But even the best laid plans find road blocks, or impassable mountains. I speak from experience.

After getting engaged in September, Zack and I thought it would be great to get engagement pictures made and then create a beautiful fall save the date card. Well, as it turns out in the months of October and November Zack and I were rarely in the same place at the same time. That kind of makes taking pictures difficult. Road Block.

We moved around the first road block and decided to make save the dates from our engagement party photos. Zack designed a beautiful card for me. I looked at it, my mom looked at it, and Zack looked at it. We were all so excited. They got ordered and shipped in just before Christmas. A little late, but not the end of the world. My incredible maid of honor helped me address about 50 of them. She and my roommate both looked at and admired them. Then Zack comes by after work, takes one look at them and moans. What had we all missed…? The year.

 Apparently Zack and I already got married on March 21, 2014.

Impassable Mountain.

This was Christmas. By the time we could get the fixed cards ordered and shipped and then sent out to our guests it would be two weeks before the formal invitations. Anyone else think that is pointless?

We continued to brainstorm until we found a simple and modern solution. Facebook Event. We have decided to create a Facebook event as a way of communicating with our guests prior to the wedding. Plan A is now Plan B. The formal invitations are in the works; at least that is Plan A.

Isn’t this typical of life?
We can have the best laid plans, but sometimes those road blocks and impassable mountains drive you to plan B.

I have learned through the many road blocks I have encountered in my life to hold my plans with an open hand. Sometimes God’s plans are different, and I am okay with that.

I am sure this is not the first “major” issue that will come up with the wedding, and that is okay too. I will continue to plan and be sure we are prepared, but there is no need to freak out if the plan has to change because sometimes plan B turns out to be better than plan A.

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