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Countdown to BLISS-Wedding Cake

The Final 100 Days: Day 78 by Valerie K. Baldwin

One aspect of planning a wedding that I knew would be important but difficult is staying within the budget! Ever since I started thinking about marriage with Zack I have wanted to respect my parents and the budget they set.

 And one area that has become surprisingly difficult to stay within budget is the CAKE!

I have always heard about the extortion that occurs in the wedding industry, but good grief, cake is ridiculous. Here I am at day 78, and one of the last “big things” on my list is the cake.

I’ve been to several bakeries here in my home town, and I refuse to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a cake! I realize that it takes man hours to do the beautiful creations that are wedding cakes, but come on people! You go in and buy a decorated birthday cake that serves the same amount of people and it is a third of the cost. I find this ridiculous, and I refuse to pay it.

So now it is time to get creative! I am still in the process of investigating every bakery in the area where I live, but I am also looking into purchasing a pretty topper for us to cut and serve cupcakes, or doing some mix of cake and cupcakes. I do not necessarily have the solution for this yet, but I do know that I am not going to compromise my budget. There are always creative ways to have a beautiful (and delicious) wedding, save money, and stay within budget.

 I’m still working on perfect cake solution, and I will be sure to let you know when I figure it out!

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