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A New Year-I wonder…

Sitting here on New Year’s Eve taking in some easy listening music, chilling with puppy and hubby wondering what will 2015 hold for me, for those I love and for those I don’t yet know.IMG_1498 I’m not worried about it, which is a nice place to be. Maybe after 56 years I’ve finally learned that worry doesn’t accomplish much except to shorten my life and keep me from living fully today.

But, I think I wouldn’t have a pulse if I didn’t wonder a bit and dream, hmm…quite a bit about the upcoming year. Animals and fish and birds don’t dream about the future. They don’t wonder. As beautiful and magnificent and, in a puppy’s case, as cuddly as they are; they simply live from one meal to the next. They can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring or get excited in anticipation for a new year. That wonderful part of the earthly experience is reserved for us flawed humans.

Sometimes I wonder if God didn’t waste the gift of imagination and wonder and forethought on us. We abuse and misuse it so very often. But, oh how I treasure this gift and am committed to using it for God’s glory in 2015 and not for my own vain purposes and desires.

I can say with confidence that God has desires too.

He desires that non should perish. (John 3:16)

He desires to give us rest. (Matthew 11:38)

He desires to give us peace. (John 14:27)

He desires our good works. (Matthew 5:16)


He desires for us to be with Him FOREVER! (John 14:2)

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