Puppy Lesson-Being a Mom…Priceless

ShareBear-MomNo doubt about it, each of our lives is better because of the actions, sacrifices and devotion of a loving and attentive mom. And there is also no doubt that one of Satan’s battle hardened strategies in his war against God and His creation is to destroy and dismantle “Mom”. He will use every tactic, every campaign, every ploy and every social pressure available to demean and even demonize the God-given privilege of being Mom.

So let’s raise moms up; not as idols but to the place of honor they should enjoy! Let’s, each of us no matter our season of life, embrace biblical motherhood and stop throwing insults and rocks at each other for approaching the task from varying traditions and viewpoints.

Let’s hug our moms and hug our kids every day while we have that opportunity!

Let’s work tirelessly for the sanctity of our homes and the beauty of our families instead of moaning over the lack of sleep and designer clothes in our closet.

Let’s play a lot! Let’s laugh a lot! Let’s pray without ceasing and praise continually!

Let’s thank God for our moms whether they deserve it or not! And let’s thank God for His wisdom in designing and His grace in bestowing on the world…Mom!

And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

Genesis 3:20

About oneanotherlivinghttp://oneanotherliving.comWhen she isn't writing, speaking or reading Elaine enjoys golf, tennis, hiking, and vacations to the mountains or the ocean. She enjoys football, watching not playing, and the occasional TV mini-series. A night of games and cards with family and friends is a great delight.

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