Write or the Rocks Will Cry Out

By Elaine Baldwin| @elainehbaldwin

I propose the ultimate goal for any Christian writer is not to have millions of books sold for millions of dollars or to acquire millions of social media fans, but rather to write for an audience of One and for His honor and praise and thereby keep the stones silent.

I am not just talking about Christian non-fiction like Bible studies, theology books or inspirational poetry. Whether a writer composes lyrics, writes greeting cards, pens novels or creates screenplays he or she should write with the persistent purpose of using their God-given talent to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ.

 If we don’t write with that kind of consistent objective Jesus tells us in Luke the stones will cry out in place of our silence.

As soon as He was approaching, near the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of the disciples began to praise God joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles which they had seen, shouting: “BLESSED IS THE KING WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD; Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” Luke 19:37-40 (NASB)

The context here is Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The disciples were making such a raucous the religious leaders told Jesus to make them be quiet. I don’t think it was the volume that really bothered them. It was the message the disciples were shouting that disturbed them. If they simply shouted, “Here is Jesus a good teacher with some good ideas.” I don’t think the Pharisees would’ve given it another thought.

But, that wasn’t the disciples persistent purpose. Their purpose was to shout praises to Jesus and to the Lord God of Heaven and Earth. They could’ve just shown up to see who was coming into town and remained silent. But they would’ve missed their purpose for being there in the first place. The objective of that time and place was to shout praises to the King who came in the name of the Lord. If they were not persistent in that purpose, Jesus said the stones would have cried out.

And so it should be for the person who puts the name of Christ before the title “Author/Writer”. For every project we undertake, it should be done with the persistent purpose of shouting praise to our Savior and King.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we put Jesus in every phrase and quote Scripture on every page. It does mean we dedicate our craft to the One who endowed us with so great a gift…words. It means we offer every project, large and small, as a living sacrifice to God and allow Him to do with it as He pleases.

It means we don’t just show up to write and aimlessly place one word in front of another. Instead we answer our calling, we know our persistent purpose and we fulfill our objective as Christian authors and writers.

Are your writing historical romance or a cozy mystery? Write with the persistent purpose of godly principles throughout your pages.

Do you write space fantasy or science fiction? Write so your story gives honor to Jesus.

Are you called to write ABA? Write so that others know you are in the world and yet not of it.

Are you writing textbooks; history, English, math, science? Write so the world will know Him.

Do you have a love song or poem to write? Write so His love is exalted.

So what are you writing? Whatever it is…make sure the rocks remain silent!

About oneanotherlivinghttp://oneanotherliving.comWhen she isn't writing, speaking or reading Elaine enjoys golf, tennis, hiking, and vacations to the mountains or the ocean. She enjoys football, watching not playing, and the occasional TV mini-series. A night of games and cards with family and friends is a great delight.

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