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An Ode to Lists!

An Ode to Lists
Oh Where, Oh Where is my list for the store?
Oh Where, Oh Where can it be?
I have lists galore on the living room floor.
But the list for the store I can’t see.
I have lists for chores, even one for the Lord,
And a list for hubby to glean.
There’s a list of dreams and one full of book themes,
But the list for the store I can’t see.
Ahh! There it is under the list “To Do”.
My mind can now rest at ease.
We need milk and eggs and some beef for a stew.
If only I could find those darn keys.
Ahh! They there are next to list number five.
The one with my story rewrite.
So with keys in my left, and store list in my right,
Now I am off for my afternoon drive.
I am back from the store, wait ‘til you hear what I got.
The coupons and sales did abound.
The milk’s in the fridge and the beef’s in the pot.
But the eggs just cannot be found.
I checked high and low and deep and wide.
But no eggs were bought at the store.
“How can that be?” My unhappy heart cried.
“The eggs were on list number four!”

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